9 thoughts on “Happy Vesak Day!”

  1. Thanks Sam.
    The lockdown and other events around the Corona virus has been a great opportunity to contemplate the message of the Lord Buddha on this Vesak day.


  2. Wish everyone a Very happy Wesak poya day

    Sukho Buddanang UPPADO
    SUKHO sadhamma desana
    Sukho sangassa samaggi
    Samagganang Thapo SUKHA

    Great is the birth of a Buddha
    Great is Dhamma teaching
    Great is union of Sangha
    For united discipline is great



  3. Happy Vesak day to all our batch mates and their loved ones.

    Self quarantine has given us an opportunity to devote time for meditation. Time to cease from all evil, to cultivate good, and purify the mind this is the teaching of the Buddha ( Dharma Pada verse – 183 )

    Nisantha and Piching


  4. Dear All
    Wish you a happy wesak and also peaceful minds as you contemplate on the teachings of Lord Buddha.


  5. Wish you all a happy Vesak Day.
    Restrictions due to Covid are slowly being relaxed in Australia, but temples & Churches are still closed.


  6. Happy Vesak to ALL .
    Time of Isolation during this time of Covid -19 Pandemic – -gives all of us time to Re- Think, Rejuvenate, Re – Visit , our Values in Life and be Responsible World Citizens .
    Keep Well – Keep The Distance – Stay Healthy- Stay Home .


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