5 thoughts on “Countryside Asian Cooking-1”

  1. Love the video.better than some cooking shows on TV. Learnt a new dish papadam with fried curry leaves, chilies and peanuts. That will be on my dinner menu next post corona party.


  2. Thanks Sam for this beautiful and” mouth watering “post.As you say, it is very tastefully done and I can almost feel the ambience and smell the food.In other words ,Utopia.I never knew that Aloe vera had so many culinary uses.!


  3. I have seen my mother cooking in clay pots with wood fire – before the kerosene cooker came into the market . The curries taste better when cooked in clay pots. The Malays & Chinese still cook some dishes in clay pots. Eg: Clay-pot rice with chicken or pork.& soy source – .One of my favorite – Yumm..
    Watching the girl cooking made my mouth water. Her husband will be a lucky fellow.


  4. Dear Sam
    Thank you fur this wonderful post . The recipes were mouth watering and I realised that I had never tasted papaw curry ( I think that was one of them ) . The finished products look yummy and tasty. I had never tasted that Thibbotu Mallun with sprats and would love to prepare that if I can get hold of some of them
    next time I am in SL. It was good to see step by step instructions . I think more of our colleagues should post things like that so that others can try.


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