5 thoughts on “Another Child Prodigy”

  1. Dear Sam
    This is absolutely fabulous. She is so talented and for a child of her age this is remarkable and she is an amazing girl. Thank for sharing it. Praxy


  2. Oh ! my God is all what I can say when I saw the video. What talent , amazing. Thanks or posting this video Sam.
    Buddhism explains this kind of phenomina as talent brought on to this life, from previous life’s experiences. Whether it is so or God given talent one is left with amazement and bewilderment as to how this young lady got this talent at such a young tender age. We need more individuals like her in this world.



    1. Nisantha,
      I agree with you. She has an amazing talent. A phenomenon that we can only explain on a spiritual basis, either continuation of previous life experience as we Buddhists believe or God-created miracle as in Christianity.
      Thanks for commenting


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