8 thoughts on “AI”

  1. Thanks Sam.Frightening prospect if AI programming is jammed by the enemy.?!.At the end of the day a small RNA virus has caused havoc worldwide and AI has not come to our aid.! I saw a recent interview on TV of Bill Gates.The question was, you predicted the possibilty of a pandemic over 5 years ago,Have you got any predictions for the future?.The answer was, we need more research to detect and fight these viruses as soon as they appear and that research will also be able to prevent the development of biological weapons by rogue countries.! An interesting answer.


  2. HI Sam and Eddie .
    Scary stuff indeed .
    But – I am going to stay alive and well – because , I am going to get into my itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot bikini and stay out in the sun to get all the UV rays, and keep my glass of Lysol by my side .
    I will LIVE !
    And, I will get the Front Row at The Trump Show !!!!!!


      1. HI Eddie !
        Itsy bitsy photo – for private consumption ! only at my private hide out on the lake front – Oh I just might get into a nice wild looking inflated floating tub, with my lysol drink and all will be well – Just Float Away into Outer Paradise and Fly with the Eagles !!
        Gotta have some humor these days to make it through these crazy times .
        I will send you a real good one on this — may be a bit too politically sensitive to post it on the Web – as I dont want to step on anyone’s political ideology .
        keep Well – Keep The Distance – Good Wishes to Class of 64-


  3. Dear Sam
    It was a bit scary😡😳😫 but interesting to watch . I wonder 🤔🤔 what the world would be like in the future if robots were used in this fashion. I think it’s alarming to see the havoc caused by this tiny virus which the scientists say is about one hundred thousandth of a mm.


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