8 thoughts on “What an amazing voice!”

  1. Sam thanks for correcting it.
    What a fabulous performance and wonderful voice and of course accompanied by Andre Rieu
    Thanks a lot for sharing it.


  2. Thanks Sam for the post. A great young voice with the correct genes.Looking at the tearful members in the audience, I think that the words too must be very meaningful.Unfortunately,I do not understand the words, but still enjoyable.We will hear more of her in the future.


  3. Thanks Sam for the post. What a marvellous performence .I never imagined an adult voice is going to come out from this 11year old girl. I really enjoyed it.


  4. A wonderful voice. I have seen this before ,but listening to it again was a treat. Thanks Sam.

    Jackie Evancho is from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania .If anyone wants to google that name and listen to her sining at about the same age and the same song on America got talent , please do so. I think Jackie has a better voice. I shall await your comments.



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