5 thoughts on “30 Motivational Pictures”

  1. Thanks Praxy,
    Brilliant thoughts to take on board during period, lockdown
    Life is never a bed of roses so choose carefully and live in
    It is very true, brain has to be nourished like a tree to cherish
    Thanks for sharing quite profound ideas to add colour to lives


  2. Thanks Praxy. Food for thought. As we get older brain exercises are as important as physical exercise.
    Lot of good advice for every day living.



  3. Thanks Praaxy for everday rules for all, but what I like most is ” Don’t compare yourself with anyone,everyone has a role to play in life” .How true.!.This pandemic has taught us that everyone matters when self quarantine is the key.! We seldom stop to think of how our hospitals work.During this pandemic, everything would have ground to a halt if not for the cleaners, cooks, paramedical staff,ambulance staff ,epidemiologists,laboratory tecnicians, pharmacists,staff involved in contact tracing,home visits by nurses,nursing care of the elderly and incapacitated in rest homes and for those with special needs.If not for each and everyone of them our efforts to control this pandemic will not be possible.The current situation brings meaning to ” everyone has a role to play in life.”.


  4. Thanks Praxy,
    “Sun is alone but still shines” – Good message but are we going to believe in what Nostradamus predicted. I understand that he has even predicted that there will be an attack by a virus originating from China in 2020?? resulting in worlds economic disaster . ? Are we nearing the end of the world????
    Is it worth watering that tree ??
    Above are innocent questions only.


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