7 thoughts on “Beautiful Kandy – Locked down.”

  1. Thank you Anoja for the most lovely photos that seem to ‘ tell a story ” …
    This is what I call , Community Spirit in Time of Isolation – It was sooo nice of you to send in these photos , so we see Beauty in Isolation .
    It was quite something for me to see this beautiful Sacred City – devoid of devotees and people who just come to enjoy its beauty, take a walk round Nuwara Weva , visit the Maligawa , or just hand around and people watch – -which is what I do most of the time !
    The Cassia Trees in full bloom with its gorgeous pink flowers – adds a very cheery sight , to the Sacred City in Isolation .
    These are like the Magnolia trees that are now blooming , here in Canada .
    A bustling city – now Alone and Healing in Isolation .
    Perhaps- we were meant to see the Beauty in Isolation- something none of us have ever seen in day light in Kandy .
    Perhaps this time of Isolation is also a Time for Reflection and Rejuvenation through Healing .. for all of us .
    Keep Well- my dear Mates of Class of 64, and Stay Apart for now, so we may Stay Together soon !
    Deepthie .


    1. Thanks Deepthie for describing beautifully the fauna and flora in your neck of wood.
      You are so talented in bringing the scenes to the reader it is a joy to read. Kind regards,


  2. Thank you Anoja for posting these lovely pictures. I cannot add anything else to what Deeepthi has mentioned already..

    On my many trips to Kandy I have never seen its beauty as depicted in these pictures. Traffic jams , wall to wall people , smog and dirt does not do justice to mar the beauty of our hill capital.



  3. Hi Anoja
    Thanks for sharing the photos with all of us. As Deepthie has mentioned, the beauty in isolation is terrific. The blooming trees are so beautiful.
    I have not been to Kandy for many many years, but can identify all the landmarks in the photos


  4. Thanks Anoja for sharing these pics of a beautiful city particularly without the traffic and trees in bloom.
    It brings back memories of the Sacred City where I commenced my anaesthetic training.


  5. Thank you Anoja,
    It is a great boom to see pictures of sacred city in bloom
    Thanks for sharing with us it diminished lockdown gloom
    What amazes me is the natural beauty greenery amazing
    As a septuagenarian, reminiscing past scenes are thrilling


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