8 thoughts on “Rare Photos”

  1. Dear Sam
    Thanks for these old black and white photos. I felt sad to see babies for sale in Italy bundled up like little rag dolls. It is amazing how the world has changed.


  2. Thank You Sam. Beautiful B&W pics.A time capsule of interesting events over the years.In 1940 , the unwanted babies are signs of the times.It is Italy and they had to wait till 1960 for Pincus and Djerassi to invent the O.C pill.In 1932 ,a great pic showing Al Capone’s true empathic nature and the 1933 of women protesting with”we want beer”,Aussies will treat them as heroines.!!The 1963 pic of JFK is a stark reminder of what may come at any moment in one’s life.! Finally, I hate the beach police for restricting the show of a nice pair of legs.Any disagreements ? However, I envy the beach police, for they have a very fulfilling work at the office.!!


  3. Thanks for the pictures Sam. Very interesting.
    Those early roller-skates look like bicycles.
    The Titanic makes you think. In 2012, the death of 1500 people was considered a disaster.
    100 years later, more than 170,000 die from corona and the world appears to be taking it in its stride.
    I suppose the wars and epidemics in the intervening years have made us somewhat immune to death and dying.
    I was horrified to see the babies “for sale”. Is it Italy or France? “A vendre” is French for “For sale”.
    In Italian it is “vendesi” (for one) and “vendonsi” for 2 or more. Maybe the clients were French.
    1969 Woodstock and the Beatles take us back to our youth – we were part of that “flower power” generation. But strangely, none of us became hippies (as far as I know). I wonder why?


  4. The world has changed a great deal since then. Thanks for posting these pictures Sam. I remember when we came to the US in1971 , buying a Big Mac for 55 cents – wow a special sale then.

    Some of the pictures made me very sad others were awe inspiring , building sky scrapers and structures with more primitive technology than what is available today.

    Imagine what people would say 50 to 100 years from now about the so called modern technology that exist now.



  5. My dear Sam,
    For Bringing back memories of yesterday year
    I thank you from the bottom of my heart. dear
    As we too are ancient our memories not clear
    Reminding past glory is the need of the hour


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