12 thoughts on “Another Proud Moment”

  1. Dear Jeeva,
    I heartily endorse Sam’s comments. You do us all proud indeed.
    Congratulations and my best wishes to you and the family at this difficult time.


  2. Dear Jeeva,
    Congratulation on receiving the distinguish award!!. It is truly an honor to call you my batch mate, colleague ,friend & Co- Ho , during our early life. Well done.



  3. Congratulations Martyn for the award and the great work that you have done to achieve that.
    Nimal Senadipathy


  4. Dear Jeevan,
    We are very proud of your achievements throughout your medical carrier.
    Congratulations on receiving the latest award.
    Looks like you are still working full time & carrying on with your research work.
    All the best.


  5. My dear Jeeva,
    Fantastic news to hear of your achievements
    To be recognised so highly is truly tremendous
    All of us in batch feel so proud & are overjoyed
    Congratulations dear mate for a career illustrious


  6. Congratulations Jeeva – we are all proud of your achievements. We wish you all the best for the future.

    As our colleagues may not know this is the the second time that Jeeva was recognized by the ASA ( American society of Anesthesiology ). The first award was for the original work done on the action of drugs at the Neuro muscular junction.

    Keep up the good work Jeeva . We wish you and your family good health and good luck. Please be safe.

    Nisantha and Piching. Banda


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