7 thoughts on “NEJM.How to video on taking a nasophayngeal swab.Not so easy.!”

  1. Thanks Narme.I think it is time that I stopped posts about our pandemic.Our readers would prefer light hearted topics to enjoy. as the Northern hemisphere warms up for spring with a super summer to follow.


  2. Thanks Sam for your comment.No, I do not have any special knowledge about it.I cannot see any difference EXCEPT that during an oropharygeal procedure, the tester is more prone to exposure of the organism being tested due to directed coughing and gagging.!


    1. Agree ,
      I was wondering if the oropharyngeal collection would dilute the specimen with Saliva causing increase in false negatives, although they are working on a new quicker (12-24hrs) antigen test using patients saliva,. This is a home based study expected to be released in US shortly.


  3. Thanks Sam.Yes, that is a possibilty.But,it has been the common practice to take oro pharyngeal swabs for other illnesses for quite some time.Overall, I think the nasopharygeal route is not a safer option for the person collecting the swab
    Yes,the Keralites have come up with a similar quick test which is on a drop of blood and the result is available in 15 minutes.The test looks at 2 specif genomes of the virus.Hence no false positives.I understand that it costs only IR1250/= and the soft ware required to analyse,is cheaper than the PCR machines.A few days ago Emirates airline which did a special flight to take back stranded passengers.Prior tomdeparture the tested all the passengers in the ticket counters with results before boarding.I think it was a blood test.Everyone is working on a vaccine and Australia in conjuction with the British and CEPI backing is in Phase 2 animal studies.If all goes well it will be available by the end of the year.The priority for vaccination will be medical staff followed by the elderly ( we, I hope).Gilead pharmaceuticals is hoping that Remdesivir will pip others at the post for treatment and then it’s share price will soar( now aroud 83 US$).I read a post about what is happening in Sweden.They are not in lockdown but people are behaving very sensibly with reduced activity by all.This is what an enlightened and empathic community should do.So far, only 1300 deaths and a few from rest homes.Uncertain times ahead as this virus is not going away soon and it will stick around like the flu virus as it has already mutated into A,B & C.Stay safe.Take care.Eddie.
    i have decided to stop posting about Covid19 as it may increase the level of anxiety in many.


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