CXR In Covid 19


                                                             Dear Sam, Attaching 3 CXR of a 40+ yrs old male to show how nasty the disease can be:-

 1) 2 months before C Virus
2)  Had 2 days of fever. CXR taken 1 day after a diagnosis of COVID 19.

3) 3 days after diagnosis.
See the rapid change!!!

3 thoughts on “CXR In Covid 19”

  1. Dear Seelan
    Thank you for this . It is a bit frightening to note how quickly the changes take place on the lungs.


  2. Dear Seelan

    With the experience of tiny children attending at nearly fatal situation with Broncheolitis we were pumping steam into the cot with bed sheet covering the cot over a few days and giving their lives back almost 50 years ago ( when virology was not that advanced ) I am asking you as a practising Radiologist can steam from beginning of symptoms of corona infection prevent this extent of damage to the lungs.
    Sree and Sam.


    1. Thanks Sree & Sam.
      I am not an expert to comment on whether steam will prevent the extent of damage by C.Virus, but the following is is my experience :-
      My mother taught us how to inhale steam with a towel over the head when we were children. She also added Vicks or Eucalyptus oil. Steam helped to soften the phlegm & cough out. She also gave us Egg-coffee with a dash of brandy ( may be the brandy cured the cold !)
      Myself & my family still use steam inhalation whenever we get a bad flu or cold resulting in thick phlegm.
      We have portable steam inhalers (bought from local chemist shop) & room humidifier.
      This seems to relieve congestion & it re hydrates dry mucous membranes caused by seasonal allergies.
      In my case, I dont think that the steam cures the flu but It helps to soften the thick phlegm so that I can cough it out.
      There are articles mentioning that the C Virus dies at 55-56 0’C – heat melts the lipid “capsule”of the virus. Do you think that steam temperature will melt the fat covering of the Virus???
      With my limited knowledge, I feel that steam might help by re-hydrating dry mucous membrane & soften the phlegm which makes it easier to cough out but this Virus is very aggressive as you can see in the CXR example.


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