10 thoughts on “Happy Easter”

  1. Dear All👋
    Happy Easter and a happy new year to all of you💐. I am sure like UK most of you all are on lockdown but let’s make the most of it and attend to all those little things we have postponed doing.


  2. Happy Easter To All my precious Batchmates, all around the world. May the power of RISEN CHRIST, give health, hope & happiness to ALL OF YOU>



  3. Wish you all a happy Easter.
    Our grand kids were busy hunting for Easter eggs in their own homes – We watched on Whats app!


    1. Seelan

      Talking about eggs and childhood may I tell what was happening in our house when we were small.
      We had hens but no pigeons.My brother who turned out to be a Scholarship winning Live Stock Officer used to collect pigeons eggs from one of my cousins pet pigeons and keep with the eggs of our hen sitting on her eggs to produce chicken.

      Why not get your grand children to try this experiment.If they get Baby Pigeons let us all see them.
      The Eagle Acca can send some Eagle eggs to them and they can produce baby Eagles also later on.



  4. Happy Easter to The Class of 64 .
    It is just a year ago, that Easter Sunday was a disaster zone in SL , when every one was in church celebrating Easter , and some enjoying some family time together at various places in Colombo .

    Lanka lost 250 people- most of them women and children , and many injured , and I dont want to go into those morbid details .
    This year, one year later, Easter is celebrated at home .
    New Year- Sinhala and Tamil New Year celebrated at home .

    How ‘Happy ‘ is Easter and New Year THIS year, for all of us , Srilankans scattered around the globe , and to the rest of us in this planet ? .

    I hope things will be better for all of us next year this time , and the world will be a better place for all of us .

    I am surprised that no one made a comment on events that shook Lanka and the world , last year Easter Sunday . — short term memory lost ??? .



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