4 thoughts on “In Appreciation”

  1. Dear Praxy,
    The clip is not about the different singers, but about Mr. Gerald Wickremasuriya, the person who brought all those popular singers ‘in our time’ to the popular stage and radio and made them household names. Everyone knew about the songs and the singers , but most knew nothing about the man behind the singers. He is the ‘One who made the stars’. Our gratitude and plaudits should go to him.
    Nice to hear from you. Hope you and Ranjith and Joe and Tania and the rest of the family are well. I am okay so far.


  2. Thanks CJ. Pardon my ignorance. I like the song very much. We are all ok and Ranjits op was postponed because of CV. and so was my Steroid injection because of immunosuppression with it


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