Wuhan,opens up after 3 months;and Dean Koonitz’s book in 1981.

Hi Colleagues, Wuhan is now open for business after 71 days of lockdown,but the rest of the world is still trying to contain the CoVid 19 pandemic.Dean Koonitz, a fiction writer,in his book published in 1981, predicted such a scenario, as you can see in the attachments.It is strange that the year 2020, the transient virus and the location( Wuhan) are all mentioned in his book.Is it a premonition or coincidence?Eddie.

Author: Eddie

Consultant Physician.

4 thoughts on “Wuhan,opens up after 3 months;and Dean Koonitz’s book in 1981.”

  1. Hi Everyone
    I read about this book in last weekend’s Australian newspaper
    Like to get hold of the book. I don’t know whether its available
    Dean evidently suffered a traumatic childhood, a victim of domestic violence. His dad suffered a major psychiatric illness.
    His fictions are said to very dark stories
    Pl keep safe


  2. Thanks Eddie. I was listening on our local TV to a panel of science fiction writers discussing how they work out their plots. They seem to have incredible imagination and a great awareness of science, computing, religion and philosophy which they then weave into their stories. In 1981, 2020 would seem far away and China was always considered a ‘natural enemy’ of the West. Wuhan might be just a coincidence. Who knows?
    Satha, The book is available through Amazon. I got it in my Kindle.
    All we can do is to try and keep safe for as long as possible.
    I’ve just developed a cough. Who knows?
    With best wishes to all,


  3. Does BCG vaccination offer some protection against coronavirus?

    A new scientific study has discovered a possible correlation between countries where it is mandatory to be vaccinated against tuberculosis, and the impact of the new coronavirus.

    Australian researchers at the Murdoch Institute in Melbourne announced that they have started testing the tuberculosis vaccine on a large scale to see if it can protect healthcare staff from the coronavirus.




  4. Thank you Selvi, CJ, andAnoja for your comments .CJ and Selvi, your comments about Dean Koontz is interesting and valid.Even as far back as the 1980 s, Wuhan must have had a research lab, which still exists.!Anoja,the Incidence of Covid 19 infections in Portugal vs Spain is clearly worthy of comment in the context of BCG vaccination.It may be the reason for the low incidence so far in Sri Lanka too.Unfortunately, BCG immunity wanes with age.The recent vaccination studies is no doubt useful until a vaccine becomes available.Gerald Wickremasooriya , a Thomian from Ambalangoda made music for all of us in our youth.More recently, the Sooriya village in Colombo 5 was a tranquil place which served superior food with great ambience.It also had a recording studio on site for up and coming young artistes.Unfortunately, it closed down after a few years. Eddie.


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