Urgent update , Please share

Dear Friends

Please read through the following communications that I received from Sree regarding an early intervention (as soon as you begin to feel the symptoms) with his experience in SriLanka. All his contact information is published with his permission.


Click on the link Below,

My Request To Friends Regarding – Corona – 03.04.20. 


———- Forwarded message ———
From: MATHIAPARANAM SREETHARAN <mathiaparanams@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 6 Apr 2020 at 12:03
Subject: Re: Please see my attachment below and help the British Population first and the whole world next.
To: Chris Philp <chris.philp.mp@parliament.uk>, <keir.starmer.mp@parliament.uk>, Prital & Shobi <pritalandshobi@gmail.com>, Vaseekaran Sivarajasingam <vsivasv@icloud.com>, Sam Samarasinghe <painrxsam@yahoo.com>


                                                                          “THE LOTUS”

                                                                            1 BALMORAL GARDENS       

                                                                            SANDERSTEAD, CROYDON

                                                                            SURREY CR2 0HN

                                                                            Tel: 07985769932


Rt Hon Chris.Philp MP  , House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA  and

Rt Hon. Mr.Keir.Starmer, MP  , House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA


Dear Chris and Keir

Please see my attachment below and help the British Population first and the whole world next.

Now that Boris is in Hospital can he as a Model [or Keir as Model for even Boris to learn] do the Steam Inhalation under Medical Supervision? Then a video recording can be shown via media.

This will reduce the number of Acute Emergency Admissions with Corona Virus Infection. This method will prevent deaths and get people to get immunity developed as well soon ( if the Medical Team looking after Boris accept).

As Queen told yesterday shall we be an example to the whole world of a brave generation and bring the pandemic under control and meet each other soon.

Your’s sincerely


Click below,

Clear Congestion with Easy Steam Inhalations -with my method – 06.04.20.

The best avenue to follow would be a FaceBook post with details of your procedure, preferably in conjunction with a ”how-to” video and some testimonials from patients and doctors. Once you get a single positive response to the treatment, it needs to go “viral” (no pun intended) in FB.
Best of Luck


Dear Sam
If only I have the energy and efficiency of Seelan it will be easy for Video, FaceBook, and Testimonials from patients and Doctors.
I have requested an Intensive Care Unit Consultant at Kingston Hospital to discuss with their Team dealing with Corona Virus cases. Once he comes back I will let you know.
For Video my daughter has to find a time when she does a weekly visit to us – she is struggling for time whilst caring for her neonate.
A retired Rheumatologist and a retired Ophthalmologist and a practicing Maxillo Facial Surgeon encouraged .me.Only after the video,  I can request help from them. Re: Testimonials from patients – I have to see whether with one letter with three people contributing their names would do
With your support let me see how The Almighty Lord is going to pave the way for me to try and see whether the Emergency Admissions can be reduced and contribute to get the pandemic brought under control.


It would be worthwhile to listen to the experience of the first recovered Corvid-19 patient

Translation: The first part of the video is a message from Dr. Padeniya from IDH. He describes the recommended in-home treatment. He advises people to start Steam Inhalation, by boiling water in a pot with added medicinal leaves, etc and doing deep inhalation of steam, with the head covered with a towel or a cloth.  He cautions to be careful to keep the eyes closed.

Next segment deals with the testing process.

The third segment shows the first-ever SL corvid patient relating his experience. He was short of breath upon arriving at the hospital.  He remembers receiving oxygen which made him feel better. He later got disoriented. Then he goes on to describe how the doctors at IDH went to his home and gave steam treatments to his family. He believes that inhalation treatment saved his family from getting worse.

Shared by Sam





2 thoughts on “Urgent update , Please share

  1. Hi Sree,
    I would like to contribute my 2 cents worth to this topic.Both my wife and I do steam inhalations whenever we get congested sinuses with headache, hacking dry cough etc and repeating it several times a day certainly helps to relieve the congestion in our experience. I think the underlying mechanism is likely due to warm moist air stimulating ciliary action. Sometimes we add a twig of lime/lemon to the water as well.
    As kids I remember my mother used to boil a pot with coriander and ginger for inhalation and it worked like a treat !


  2. At this juncture we should accept what ever that help cure the disease. Physicians are running out of options. HydroxyChloroquine has been tried . It can cause life threatening side effects such as prolonged QT and dangerous arrythmias. Steam inhalation is harmless. If it works why not use it. It is cheap no side effects.
    I hope they try it on Boris.


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