10 thoughts on “How Bad is Corvid-19?”

  1. Thanks Sam, Very informative discussion. I think general public has to be educated regarding personal and social safety procedures to protect health. All must valve the following statement ” Health is Wealth”


  2. Thanks Sam.An interesting post.Dr Bhattachariya is an academic epidemiologist, who is seeking more information to give certainty to the issue of how dangerous this infection is ( mortality statistics)and also on how soon the return to near normality will be.!!At this stage no one knows.Yes,antibody tests if reliable( there may be cross reactivity with other corona viruses),will give us more information about who and when it is safe to go back to work, this is invaluable for frontline medical staff.The sooner this test rolls out, the better it is for getting back to work without fear.This must be available for all front line medical staff in the first instance.The severity of the infection is dependent on many factors,for it appears there are 2 mutations, the “S” and “L” types with different clinical outcomes.There is much that is unknown, but this virus is lethal as it kills effectively without the need for a secondary bacterial infection.In the 1918, influenza epidemic many deaths were due to secondary stahylococcal infections which is not the case with SARS-CoV-2 , so far.!For now, social distancing is the need of the hour. Take care and look after yourselves.Eddie.


    1. Eddie
      Thanks for the comment. There is no doubt we need more information. The projected fatality stats don’t seem to bear out. I think all affected countries are handling this the best way they can without the key information needed to make public policy. Is the cost of lives lost due to massive global economic calamity worse than the disease itself? In my view, the impact would be much greater for developing countries. For now, the US has the ability to keep millions of people at home with full pay. How many other countries can afford to do that? How long can the US keep it up? Not for very long.
      Stay Well,


  3. 05.04.20
    I have very humbly e-mailed P.M through my MP and The New Leader of Labour Party directly , regarding our decades of experience of how we inhale steam and why that is still not applied.

    Sam also agreed that we should start the procedure the moment the symptoms start.Three or more times a day for a maximum of 14 days is a very simple task compared to getting our food cooked.

    I have requested both to do the way we have done and themselves show the method via media.If they request me to show via video recording I am prepared to do that also.

    Who is going to do a statistical analysis of my request ( supported by some Medical Collegues).I only pray to The Almighty to show the correct direction to get over the current crisis and bring the pandemic under control.



    1. Sree,
      The best avenue to follow would be a FaceBook post with details of your procedure, preferably in conjunction with a”how-to” video and some testimonials from patients and doctors. Once you get a single positive response to the treatment, it needs to go “viral” (no pun intended) in FB.
      Best of Luck


      1. Dear Sam
        If only I have the energy and efficiency of Seelan it will be easy for Video,Face Book and Testimonials from patients and Doctors.
        I have requested an Intensive Care Unit Consultant at Kingston Hospital to discuss with their Team dealing with Corona Virus cases.Once he comes back I will let you know.
        For Video my daughter has to find time when she does a weekly visit to us – she is struggling for time whilst caring for her neonate.
        A retired Rheumatolgist and a retired Ophthalmologist and a practicing Maxillo Facial Surgeon encouraged .me.Only after the video I can request help from them. Re: Testimonials from patients – I have to see whether with one letter with three people contributing their names would do
        With your support let me see how The Almighty Lord is going to pave the way for me to try and see whether the Emergency Admissions can be reduced and contribute to get the pandemic brought under control.


  4. Thanks for the post Sam. Various medical experts have come out with different statistics ,outcomes and treatment modalities to this terrible problem at hand the SARS-CoV -2 ( covid-19) .Right now we have to follow the guide lines directed by the local governments and the CDC. I think everyone should adhere to social distancing , hand washing, self quarantine. ( In Panjab they looking for Social Distance Singh , just a joke guys )

    In the Czech Republic everyone was asked to wear masks in public places. There the corona virus case are minimal and decreasing. I think here in the US and for that matter all over the world they should institute that rule.If I have to go out I were a mask. This way the symptomless carriers of the disease will prevent infecting others. The simple act of talking produces small droplets of saliva to be projected on to surfaces. The mask will prevent this from happening.



    1. One Mr.Richard Barnham answered when I rang the contact number for the Leader of Labour Party ( Mr.Keir Starmer) and promised to prioritise my request to get my E Mail seen by the Leader of The Labour Party.

      I sent picture demonstration of Intense Steam Inhalation.

      I hope it will help to make people practice it properly and prevent further acute emergency admissions with Covid 19 infection and cut down the need for ventilators,admissions and the number of deaths.


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