Vankkam, Ayubowan.Music to soothe your soul.

Dear Colleagues,In times of uncertainty, tranquil music makes sense.From the moment I heard this, I wanted to share it with you.Originally composed by Nimal Mendis the music is relaxing.Close your eyes and imagine that you sitting by a river in a tranquil part of our home and you will no doubt feel the expression of the music and it’s title.Enjoy. Eddie.

Author: Eddie

Consultant Physician.

8 thoughts on “Vankkam, Ayubowan.Music to soothe your soul.”

  1. Dear Sam

    I would like to share a statement released by UNESCO International Bioethics Committee (of which I am a member) on the Ethical Considerations of the COVID 19 pandemic. I don’t know how to attach documents. Can you please tell me the procedure.




    1. Anoja
      If you have the document in the “pdf” format on your computer, just drag and drop it or copy and paste it in the comment space. If you have trouble doing it just email it to me I will do it on your behalf.


  2. Thank you Eddie for the Song from Ganga Addara- one of the most beautiful Sinhala movies, with its hauntingly lovely songs , village scenes and story line , and a very sad ending .
    The late Henry Jayasena was the young doctor in the movie .
    I listen to flute music and play the flute , which I did a lot , while I was hiking in the Sedona Canyons earlier in the year . Now I listen to flute songs at home , and it is a bit too cold out here , to take the flute and drum outside . I dont feel like playing it indoors, when I am alone .
    Next week, me and my Mohawk neighbor will have a bon fire at his home, in the garden, just the two of us, Keeping The Distance , and we will have a Flute and Drum Song By The Fire .
    By then, my 14 day Quarantine will be over – On Day 10 today, Wednesday April 1 .
    Right now, I am confined to within my property , and my street, where only 5 families live on this rural dirt road .
    But, my heart aches for those less fortunate, living in crowded urban areas of the world . . under ‘ Lock Down “.
    I listen to SL songs – Zava sent me some of his CD’s and I listen to his voice, and I feel, I am with the Class of 64- at Beruwala, all over again … Deja Vu …..
    I wonder if we will ever meet again … this makes me sad …

    The world will be a different place, if and when all this ” Corona Thing ” done and over with.

    Already, I see people changing, for the worse– Greed over Need -taking over their lives . as to how they view their neighbors- even in this small rural Ontario town I live in .
    Last week , a few of them helped me with grocery shopping , others view each other with ‘ ” such a look, ” — so much so, that I dont even want to look at another human face .
    I have cut down my food intake by half, so I dont have to go to the grocery store next week , unless I really have to, and dont want my few good neighbors exposing them selves to something that will make them sick .
    Bath and Parippu — is a great diet – I will miss the Mallung, once this lot of cooking is over in a few days !
    Oh ya- I have some Onions and Potato and Squash and a whole lot of spices , so I can make a nice hot and spicy meal out of this + with the Tikka Masala Indian Curry Sauce bottle I discovered in the basement the other day — A Real Treasure these days !

    Keep well – Stay Safe- Keep the Distance – Hand Wash for 20 secs !

    And by The Way ——- Listen to Songs —- Music is The Food of Life .
    Thanks Eddie !


  3. Dear Eddie, Deepthi

    I couldn’t listen to the song because it was on facebook.
    And Deepthi, it was Vijaya Kumaranatuga not Henry Jayasena

    Stay safe


  4. Thanks Eddie. A lovely melody indeed. Very tranquil, soothing , haunting music. Good for the soul during these difficult times.



  5. Thank You Deepthie, Anoja and Nisantha for your comments..The combination of the guitar, violin and the flute is always magic.!There is a mystery in the tone of the violin and the flute.
    Deepthie , I did not know that you were an accomplished flutist in addition to your many talents!..
    Anoja, why don’t you forward your article to Sam.? He will be able top post it.Yes, there is going to be a lot of soul searching as we embark on who treat in ICU, when to withdraw treatment and also “idling” beds in ICU, waiting for someone special.!!These are all very difficult decisions and I am glad that I will not be making them.
    Warm wishes to all of you as we navigate through difficult times. Stay safe.Take care.Eddie


  6. Thank you Eddie for the complement !-
    I played the flute- The Native American Flute- at the 2014 Big RU in Beruwala, for the ‘Block Concert’ on that Saturday morning, as part of the Canadian Contingency Entertainment Item .
    I played the flute, and sang a few songs – Ojibway, ( Ontario) Cree ( Saskatchewan) and Mi’kmaw ( Eastern provinces – Newfoundland- Labrador and New Brunswick . to represent the Native Tribes lliving coast to coast in Canada –
    It also represented the few of us from Canada- My self and Laki Fdo- Ontario, Mohamed from Saskatcehwan, Indira/ Ana from Newfoundland / Lab .
    Thanks Anoja for the correction of the actor’s name, I will look up google for the rest .
    yes- send your article to Sam- he will put it out on the web. I do want to read it — Ethical Considerations on who gets what kind of treatment in these hard times .
    Thanks again Eddie- keep well !– eagleD


  7. Hi Deepthie, Yes, I do remember you playing the native flute and singing songs of the natives.Do you also play the clarinet apart from the flute.That is a beautiful instrument in the right hands. I just realised that there is a typo in my original post., silly me ,for not checking it should be VANAKKAM..!There is a document floating around by email from Indra’s batch mates which has a document from the international ethics committee.This is probably what Anoja is talking about.On the matter of coordinating different results of treatment they call it “Solidarity”, a method by which different small trial results can be collated to get an ethical plan for treatment of SARS-CoV-2 infections.


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