Old People and Technology

Dear Sam,
The attached clip might help to raise a laugh during the period of isolation which all of us batch mates are supposed to be following.
Please post if you feel it is appropriate.
With best wishes to you and Kathy.
Keep safe.
This video doesn’t exist

6 thoughts on “Old People and Technology”

  1. Thanks CJ.Ronnie Corbett was one of the greatest comedians of all time.A very enjoyable clip to boost the morale in these disturbing times.Eddie.


  2. CJ, for publishing above clip, many thanks
    My favourite comedians were two Ronnies,
    You are right, to perk up us all from doldrums
    There’s nothing like slightly unclean British jokes


  3. C.J
    When I was working as a GP in Croydon in 1985 I had to do a home visit in Addington Village.
    I entered a huge house with pea cocks in the front garden.A few minutes after entering I thought I heard a bear shouting at me from the balcony.For my surprise Ronnie Corbettbett was there . When I told him that I came to see a patient by the patient’s name. He said he was not that patient and directed me to go to the house in front of his property.


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