Corona Virus

A  nasty creation of nature to teach man, a lesson or two
For indifference towards nature as well to its creatures too
Selfishness and competition destroy earth & living beings
Coronavirus is the latest weapon & nature is fighting back

Exploitation should have a limit, but man does ignore
Every bit of land & even the space deemed to explore
Consumption is the rule even going against nature
Covid 19,  this ‘Earth’s silver bullet’, could man conquer?

Hence future is bleak  for every Tom, Dick and Harry
Age or sex no exception must learn the lesson in a hurry
Otherwise, be the end of the world as predicted by Edgar Cayce
Modern life is a battle, the motto is, ‘wash hands thoroughly’

It’s to date the most powerful weapon of mother nature
with capabilities to overcome man’s crulity and conquer
Trying to teach civility & selflessness, often falls on deaf ear
Selfless  doctors and health care workers, rest should revere

‘Covid 19’ is a treacherous fellow being  an RNA only virus
Almost indestructible as it rapidly produces imputative virions
Unless man gets the better of it with an effective antidote
Earth will be a dead planet as Edgar Cayce’s hypnotic findings

2 thoughts on “Corona Virus”

  1. Dear Ariya
    Are any of our freiends working for NHS in U.K ?
    Are any one working in the Private Health Service in U.K ?
    Has any of our Retired U.K friends been called to help NHS?
    If so is any body working for NHS now?
    Is it O.K or is it private confidential and should we not share this information?
    They have started calling country by country – Scotland,Northern Ireland,Wales and England.
    Kind regards.


  2. My dear Sree,
    Sorry to disappoint with a negative response
    Gathering such data, not a mark of innocence
    In this day & age not knowing what It is really for
    Be silent would be the policy as data can debounce


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