6 thoughts on “The Science Behind the Coronavirus”

  1. Thanks Nisantha.
    I have seen this before, but its worth listening again.
    Well explained by a talented lecturer. Reminds me of Oliver Peiris’s short & sweet lectures.


  2. Thank you Nisantha for the Lesson in Virology-
    Yes , like Seelan said — it was like listening to Dr Oliver Peris’s lectures – clear, concise and extremely well presented , such that it could be understood by every day lay person .
    You sent me this in a private e mail earlier in the day , and I fwd it to my family and friends right away and they all thanked me for it – and I am thanking you for it now .
    Science of Soap — if only people knew this a little while ago- there would not have been that ugly , selfish ,greedy, stock piling and pandemic panic buying of hand sanitizers, detergents etc .
    Even the 65% alcohal was flying off the shelves and one of my friends actually used Vodka + Hydrogen peroxide ( not Chevas Regal ! ) .
    I made up my own soln ( WHO Recipe ) – and soaked Baby Wipes in Zip lock bags, , to use on Air Canada seats . tables etc .
    I will have to wait another 9 days to see how I will be ( 14 day Mandatory Quarantine in effect in Canada )
    I actually explained this ‘science of soap ‘ to a neighbor just y’day , as he has to care for 3 grand kids, in his home during the day, while the young parents have to now work from home .
    I just hope and pray- that a Vaccine will come out sooner rather than later .
    By the way- I have with me some Neem Soap ( Kohomba Soap ) that I got from Colombo , a few yrs back, that I actually got for Pest Control of Aphids and Japanese beetle on plants – both indoor and outdoor .
    Well Guess what – I will be using it for the 20 second Hand Wash , for the next 90 days seems like .
    Perhaps from now, we will have to even ‘wipe down’ grocery bags , wash cloth grocery bags , and wash with soap and water all our food/ fruits , as god only knows who handled them before they get to my kitchen, let alone into my mouth .
    Oh by the way — will not use grocery carts when I am ‘let out ‘ in 9 days, and go grocery shopping – just use washable cloth bags .
    Now I have very kind neighbors who did the fresh prod shopping for me y’day and tomorrow another lady will get my ‘dry foods ‘ .
    At the Toronto Airport on Saturday night, no one even helped another at the baggage carousel- it was –‘ your bag has more germs than my bag’ — was the attitude .
    I wiped mine down with Chlorox wipes and had the handle of the baggage cart too wiped clean .

    Do I sound like some germ phobic nut ? ?

    One can never be too clean these days , as the viral particles stick around on plastic surfaces for up to 72 hrs , with their sticky outer cell wall .
    Gotta brush up on my Virology now !

    – There is a snych line open to spy on your neighbors over here it seems and also to report those who ” Dont Keep The Distance of 6 ft , ” and those who are having “Stay At Home Parties ” etc .

    Mother Nature has got her Big Stick Out on ALL of her very Naughty kids — even up at Buckingham Palace it seems !
    Keep Safe- Keep The Distance .-
    Good Luck to All of Class of 64- eaglemd


  3. My dear Nisantha,

    Thank you for sharing with us, this useful information
    Clarity of delivery makes it a high class presentation
    Learnt a lot, but my memory is porous akin to a sieve
    Hence must keep the note for reference, as long as I live.

    Corona is a product of nature, extremely nasty
    It’s nefariousness is due to high reproducibility
    Being an RNA, illusive, hard to suppress or destroy
    All good manners banned giving birth to a dull society

    Thus future is bleak for every Tom, Dick and Harry
    Sex or age is no exemption, it affects even a girl baby
    Could be the end of urbanisation, predicted by Edgar Casey
    Modern life already retreated to dictum ‘wash hands, thoroughly’

    ‘Covid 19’ is a nasty fellow a deadly form of RNA viruses
    Almost indestructible as it quickly produces imputative virions
    Unless man soon gets the better of it with an effective antidote
    Earth will be a dead lonely planet as Edgar Cayces’s predictions


  4. Small correction of verse should read as

    Thus future is bleak for everyTom, Dick and Harry
    Sex, beauty or age, no exemption, affects even a pretty baby
    Could be the end of world as we know, predicted by Edgar Cayse
    Modern life has retreated to a dictum ‘WASH HANDS THOROUGHLY’


  5. Are any of our freiends working for NHS in U.K ?
    Are any one working in the Private Health Service in U.K ?
    Has any of our Retired U.K friends been called to help NHS?
    If so is any body working for NHS now?
    Is it O.K or is it private confidential and should we not share this information?
    They have started calling country by country – Scotland,Northern Ireland,Wales and England.

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