Quarantine. Shanghai style.A lesson for all of us.

Dear colleagues, I am sharing this video made by a New Zealander to show how woefully inadequate we have been with our ports of entry to date.The ” genie ” is out of the bottle and now we are in lockdown.The word quarantine comes from Italian ” Quaranta Giomi”, meaning 40 days.Between 1340-1350, the whole of Europe was nearly depopulated by the Plague.It was assumed that the infections came in and from the ships that came from near and far( the relationship to rats and fleas was not known at that time),yet they quarantined all ships coming to Venice for 40 days at Dubrovnik in Croatia.Why ,40 days you may ask.?Italy was a roman catholic country and 40 days frequently appears in the bible related to many important events.This was the period that Jesus spent purifying his soul in the desert after he was baptised by John the baptist.History, repeats itself and here we are in the 21 st century playing with a virus that is very contagious very much like the plagues and viruses of years gone by. Eddie.


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Author: Eddie

Consultant Physician.

15 thoughts on “Quarantine. Shanghai style.A lesson for all of us.”

  1. Thank you Eddie for the video- Quarentine Shanghai Style .
    In the Western World — it is all about — Close the Barn Door , after the Horse has bolted !

    I arrived in Toronto , from Phoenix USA, 4 days ago, on a so called ‘Rescue Flight ‘ .
    I am on 14 day Quarantine now, – Day 4 today .
    What I saw happening in NZ was exactly the same as what I experienced in Phoenix and Toronto – Fast Track the Travellar- get them out of the Airport ASAP .– the whole thing was a joke – A piece of paper handed to the returning travellar, and voila- you are free to party there after , on your way home !

    To make a long story short- on the way home with a car load of groceries – that my son got for me, so I dont have to go to the grocery store on the way , I dropped at a very popular Bird Watching location . I was alone and had a great birding day, on a nice cold, windy very sunny day – and saw many birds- Swans, ( Trumpeter and Tundra ) Sandhill Cranes, about a thousand Canada Geese, many mallards and one Bald Eagle that spooked the thousand geese that freaked out and blackened the blue skies for a few minutes.
    I had a great time by my self . Then, after about an hour or so, few more bird watchers showed up . We kept The Distance 6- 8 ft however .
    Now, I am in my little nest on the water, and walk around the property, walk in the woods with birds ( Woodpeckers are knocking ! ) and perhaps wolves and coyotes watching me from the shadows of the forest bushes and enjoy Nature at its Best . The occsional dog walker , some on a bike ride , a passing jogger, a fellow walker, could be seen . We all Keep The Distance .

    Today– Canada declared Mandatory Quarantine for ALL Returning International Travellers as of Midnight tonight – 25th March . — And, it will be Shanghai Style – taken to a hotel, kept there for 14 days , board and lodging paid by Gov Canada, and then allowed to leave after 14 days, if all is ok .
    Heavy penalties to be imposed , snitch line set up to spy on your neighbor, sudden unexpected checks by Health Authorities , if you are ‘caught’ breaking the Quarantine .
    Hope all this works- even though the Horse has Bolted and the Barn Door is now being Locked !

    I made it – with None of The Above . I was lucky , and honor the system in place for me, – -Unsupervised 14 day Quarantine in my own place of residence .

    Now, another question — Where was The World, when Ebola hit Africa, about 6 yrs ago and 12, 000 Africans perished ?
    Where was the World, when Small pox took away 20 – 30 million Indigenous Peoples of America/ Canada, a virus brought over by Europeans ( history tells us that small pox infested blankets were deliberately destributed to this vulnarable population – a case of early germ warfare ) back in the day, when my grandfather was growing up in Tudella- Seeduwa back in the mid 1800’s ??

    No one really talks about these two events , in the light of COVID -19 .
    Only the Plague and Influenza Pandemics that happened 400 yrs apart are talked about now, today in the 21st Century , and as if nothing happened in between .

    Food For Thought – Dont Rush for the Toilet Roll Pandemic Panic Buying .
    Save The Trees !!!!!
    Use Soap and Water – better than Hand Sanitizer.

    What is going on today- is Mother Nature’s Retribution
    In Sinhala we say — Loka Sapyak ( A Curse to the World ) .

    Covid -19- knows NO Color …..


  2. Thanks Eddie and Seelan

    The Chinese are great!

    We are under 24 hour curfew since Friday 20th, with a break of 8 hours on Thursday 24 for grocery and pharmacy shopping with police supervision for wearing masks and keeping “personal distance” in long queues. Not sure when the next break will be for us in Colombo. I am learning to cook rice and curry.

    Here is a poem for all of us “oldies” staying at home. Hope you enjoy:


    And the people stayed home.
    And read books, and listened and
    rested, and exercised, and made art,
    and played games, and learned new
    ways of being, and were still. And
    listened more deeply. Some
    meditated, some prayed, some
    danced. Some met their shadows.
    And the people began
    to think differently.

    And the people healed.
    And, in the absence of people living
    in ignorant, dangerous, mindless,
    and heartless ways,
    the earth began to heal.

    And when the danger passed,
    and the people joined together again,
    they grieved their losses, and made
    new choices, and dreamed new
    images, and created new ways to live
    and heal the earth fully,
    as they had been healed.



    1. Thanks Anoja. Yes, nothing like hot rice ,parippu and pol sambol.It is divine. Thanks also for the soothing thoughts on staying at home too.Regards.Eddie.


  3. Sorry Deepthi, forgot to include your name.

    The Western world is only interested in anything that affects them.
    Trump wanted to buy an anti COVID vaccine from the Germans ONLY for the use of Americans !!

    Enjoy you bird watching. My lunch is going to be rice with parippu, eggs, and “devilled” stuff from a bottle, as it has been for the last 5 days.

    Take care


  4. HI to ALL of you- Class of 64 !
    Anoja- thanks for your note and news from SL . I too got this nice bit of writing from a friend in NZ , and read it just now – -Very , very lovely .
    Cooking Lessons – Self Taught – I love your new hobby – Cooking at Home !– you might want put out a book on the subject !
    Yes- You are right on the money when you say — “The Western World is only interested in how THEY are affected ” . I have seen it all, in the almost 50 yrs I have lived here .
    Greed Over Need — Winner Takes it ALL — is the Western Mantra of Life , be it Vaccine or Food and empty the shelves .
    The Food Banks here are struggling to feed the hungry … sad …
    I am eating Bath and Parippu big time ++ with a few root vegt thrown in + few other lentils and hot sauce to make it a bit palatable .
    I like this whole concept of Home Isolation Quarantine – but, I feel very , very sad for those living cooped up in apartments with small children- and my heart goes out to them …

    I wonder what the world would be in 3 months from today .
    If the Travel Ban is lifted by Gov of Canada, I will still make a trip to SL in Sept- Oct .
    Gotta have a Dream during these hard times .. of Mother Nature’s Retribution ..
    Peace- Love and Blessings to ALL – eagled


    1. Hi Deepthie, Glad to note that you are in a bouncy mood and also looking forward to a trip to Sri Lanka. Enjoy the warm weather to come.Take care. Eddie.


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