The snake catcher.A hobby or an occupation.?

I guess we are all in the lock down phase of getting to grips with the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic.The attached clip is a diversion for all of us.These young chaps are dicing with death, in trying to catch Cobras.Is it a hobby or an occupation ? Hope it will take your mind off our current predicament in contending withis pandemic.

In New Zealand we go into phase 4 of the Pandemic plan tomorrow.No social gatherings,over 70 yr olds confined to their homes,only visits to Super markets, doctors,gas stations and pharmacies are allowed.Phase 4 is initially for 4 weeks .The police will see that the restrictions are adhered to.To date we have identified 102 cases, all in recent arrivals from abroad but there have been 2 cases with no contact history with recently returned.This makes it likely that there is community spread and the government has decided to lockdown sooner rather than later.It appears that the young have no social conscience, without restrictions and a lockdown.Over the week end, Bondi beach in Australia was teeming with people..This behaviour as well as the community spread has resulted in our decision.I think it is a good decision by our PM as otherwise we may end up like in Italy and Spain.!!

I have posted this as a distraction away from the boredom that is to come with self quarantine.Keep well, Enjoy the time at home and keep well. Keep in touch through our blog wheneverbyou have the time.Take care of yourselves.Eddie.

Author: Eddie

Consultant Physician.

5 thoughts on “The snake catcher.A hobby or an occupation.?”

  1. Thanks Eddie.
    From childhood, I hated & frightened of Snakes. Whenever I see snakes in the TV , I turn my head & look somewhere else.
    However, today I downloaded some courage & started to watch this clip — Gave me Goose Pimples!!
    I rather face the Corona virus !!
    By the way,I got the flu symptoms with runny nose. Basically we are now in self imposed quarantine.
    Wishing all my batch mates the best of health


    1. Seelan
      Not sure if your City is considered to have community spread, Your symptoms don’t sound like Corona. More common symptoms are Fever , dry cough, and SOB.
      Stay well!


      1. Thanks Sam.
        As you said, what I have is common cold/flu – getting better with Flu tablets & Nasonex .


  2. I do not like snakes either.These guys are cheating death by trying to catch snakes. One of these days one of them are bound to make a mistake.
    we are self quarantined at the moment. I walk around the island where we live for exercise and play Pickle ball , just the two of us, at the Tennis courts.
    Stay well.



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