9 thoughts on “Nice rendition of an old Tamil Song”

  1. Thanks Sam.I have not heard this song before but the words are the language of love.Great vocals with an enjoyable melody and some excellent work on the guitar,sitar and violin.I must go back and listen to the original.I did not know that you listen and enjoy Tamil music.!


    1. Eddie, Growing up in the South, I was never exposed to a lot of Tamil pop songs. I picked up this clip on FB with over 600,000 views & thought our Batch-mates would enjoy it as well.


  2. Thanks Sam for posting an old Romantic Melody.

    At a recent Bloem Reunion in Penang, I played many old English,Hindi,Sinhalese& Tamil songs. CJ is a Hindi fan & was in full swing.
    If you like old Tamil songs, you may try this old Movie song sung by a blind girl selling Jasmine flowers & Roses ( sound is poor as it is from the old movie)

    Another Old Movie song:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kGPO7CCU8eA&list=PLGJInNVjEnDYM74xr0RkLyQELPuu8K_1X

    Hope you & any other interested batch mates are able to download


    1. Thanks, Seelan
      I am quite familiar with the first song having heard Faizal sing it many times including at the last RU ’18. The second one, of course, is an adaptation of 50’s Doris Day favorite. Enjoyed listening to both


  3. Both the songs are old and beautiful. \Did not go for many movies when young, but always listened to the radio. Enjoyed listening to these. As Seelan said the latter was played at the Bloem reunion in Jan 2020.
    Lots have happened since.
    pl take care


  4. Thanks Sam for the post Enjoyed listening to the lovely song and combination of the multitude of musical instruments.
    Thanks Seelan for your video as well.



  5. Thanks Sam & Seelan for posting those songs. Enjoyed very much. I remember as youngsters we listened to Hindi music by Naushad and sung by people like Mukesh, Mohammed Rafi, Thalth Mahmood without understanding a word of hindi ! Music is universal and has no barriers.


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