9 thoughts on “The pandemic 2020.”

  1. we are receiving alarming news every hour of the day and panic driven people are emptying the supermarket shelves. best wishes to everyone of you and your families for good health and safety in the coming months.
    Satha & Selvi


  2. Thanks Eddie for posting the video. This a wake up call for everyone. Killing exotic animals for food is atrocious .

    Mother Nature intended different species of animals to be in their own evironment and not to be mixed up in small cages and kept together in inhumane conditions. It happened in China and thank goodness now these slaughter houses are banned in China. I hope this is a lesson for other Asian countries to learn from and adhere to.

    Here in the city of Pittsburgh 8 cases of Covid-19 cases were found . A state of emergency was declared by the mayor. No large gatherings , movie theaters are closed , schools are closed for 2 weeks and no concerts or plays for a while.

    Good luck and everyone take care.



  3. Thanks Eddie. We have 11 cases to date proved positive in SL. Most amongst those quarantined coming from Italy and Korea. There is a Police ban on big rallies/ meetings and preventive measures such as washing hands. Flights from affected countries are banned
    SARS was researched in Hong Kong by a Sri Lankan Professor and Virologist.
    A good wake up call. Thanks again.


  4. Eddie,
    Thanks for posting this alarming video. I have shared it extensively among my golfing community. In the US we are a bit behind on the testing phase of the Corvid- 19. This is concerning to us in Florida where there is an aging population.
    Good Luck and good health to all our Batch’64 followers


  5. Thanks Eddie for posting this. I am especially glad you did so because I was getting worried about your long silence wondering if you were okay. In fact I contacted Sam to check if he had heard anything.
    Glad to know you are ‘back in form’.
    With best wishes,


    1. Thanks CJ for your kind thought.Warm regards to you.Take care.Eddie.

      On Tue, 17 Mar 2020 at 5:37 AM, News, Views and more from Batch'64 Colombo wrote:



  6. Thank you CJ, Sam, NIsantha, Narme and Selvi and Satha for your comments.
    Good to know that we are all taking care of ourselves and our families.Take care, stay at home and try and get even your groceries delivered to your doorstep with online shopping.This is the time to try this out.Our local supermarkets have always offered this but we did not take it up as a visit to the supermarket was therapeutic.Now, it seems all the more important that we stay at home and try this out.”.Do try it,” as Mr Fernando of Dilmah fame would say.!!Keep well until the next time.


  7. Thanks Eddie.
    I did a locum in Rockhampton. Came back yesterday. Now I am sneezing with runny nose & no fever. It cant be Corona . However I am in self isolation !!!!
    3 Scientists in Queensland are trying their best to find a solution. Hope they succeed.


    1. Good to hear that you are locuming.!Yes, smptomatically very unlikely.It is well known that alcohol kills the virus.Perhaps a warm brandy or scotch will clear away the virus, but avoid the ice.Cheers.Look after yourself .


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