A supercar made in Sri Lanka.

Tissa Dias sent the link …..please watch this clip , the new car produced in Sri Lanka by Kulapala’s son and his team we are very proud. Dr. Kulapala was my classmate at Richmond college , Galle.


5 thoughts on “A supercar made in Sri Lanka.”

  1. Thanks Nisantha.
    Srilanka got some talented Engineers.
    I feel like buying one but have to wait for 4-5 years at which time I may not be able to drive !!!


  2. Dear Nishsntha
    I am not surprised at the talents of our SL guys.
    I was warded at Nawaloka on New Year’s Eve and I was very impressed with the knowledge of our doctors. My MRI report was done meticulously and every single vertebra was commented upon.
    When I showed it here the consultant was amazed at the detailed reporting, because here the radiologist just commented on my scoliosis on my last MRI done here in October and said the pain is due to that. The report by SL radiologist commented on the overriding of L4 over L5 . I was told here that nothing can get done but the Neuro surgeon whom our Lucky kindly arranged for me to see was brilliant. He said that a plate can put between L4L5 and S1 to correct it and that he can do it even though I am reluctant to have such invasive surgery at my age. Hats off to our SL guys.


  3. Seelan think positive. I think you will look good in a Vega. It will be available in three years.

    Praxy , first of all I am sorry to hear about your back problems. Secondly I agree with the expertise of the Sri Lankan doctors . A friend of mine a physician ,had some studies done in Sri Lanka and the the reports when shown to physicians here were surprised at the details mentioned in the reports.



  4. Congratulations to the graduate of Richmond College.The Lamborghini Countash is in the shade! Please congratulate your friend.All the best to Piching you and the family .Selvarani


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