14 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Indrajith!”

  1. Dear Indraji,
    You are a jewel of a man , very humble inspite of your achievements and creativity. Many happy returns of the day and the best wishes for contentment and good health now and in the years to come. May all blessings be on you and Manel.
    Nirmali and Narme


  2. Many happy returns of the day Indragee. This being a leap year it is special, isn’t it? If I remember correctly, you were born on the 29th Feb


  3. Dear Indragee
    At last you have got a chance to celebrate your birthday. Bring born on the 29th you will always be 4 years younger . Ranjit and I wish you many happy returns of the day💐🥂🎂 and the blessings of the Triple Gem🙏 today and all the years to come
    Ranjit and Praxy


  4. My dear Indrajith,
    Your friends of entry batch, sixty four
    Impatient to celebrate, a day before
    Your birthday, which comes one in four
    Years, hence rushing ‘the greetings door’


  5. Many happy returns of the day Indrajith. Hope you will celebrate your birthday on a grand scale with Manel this year , a leap year. Piching joins me to wish you all the best now and years to come.

    Nisantha and Piching


  6. Dear Indrajee,
    It is with great pleasure I wish you a happy birthday, I wish you many more birthdays and years with your always smiling lovely wife Manel.


  7. Dear Indragee,
    It is my greatest pleasure to wish you a very happy birthday.
    Five years a room mate who survived Texas in the first floor at Bloem without letting a drop of alcohol or a cigarette touch his lips, a great scholar, a fine and humble clinician, a true Romeo and a genuine FRIEND. It is at times like this memories, especially of Bloem come flooding back. Surreptitiously flicking Manel’s letters to the upper bunk before climbing up to hug your pillow, your father’s visits and the chats I had with him, your extreme ticklishness (just like Cossack) and your uncontrollable laughter, studying together – I remember like it was yesterday. I regret very much you missed our Bloem RU, but we could reminisce at the next RU.
    I hoe you have a great day with Manel and the children. I am looking forward to your big anniversary in October.
    With love,
    Theruwan saranai,


  8. Happy birthday Indragee. wish you many more happy ones. Thanks for bringing Jayasinghe to our gathering in Colombo.


  9. Dear Indrajith,
    Many happy returns of the day.
    We missed you at the Bloem RU in Penang!!
    All the best for the coming years


  10. Dear Indragree
    Many happy returns of the day. Wish all the Gods blessings on you and your family
    It has been a pleasure to have been friends with you and your family for such a long time.Love to Manel & great years ahead
    All the best
    Roshani & Ranjit


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