13 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Anoja!”

  1. Dear Anoja,
    Wish you an exceedingly happy birth day
    Fulfilling all your aspirations in every way
    May you have excellent health and peace
    A long fruitful life with contentment and Joy


  2. Hello Anoja,
    From one Fernando to another!!!. Happy Birthday to you. Wish you plenty of joy, happiness & great times on your Birthday & Many Many Happy Birthdays to come over the years. It is an Honor & a great privilege to call you my Batchmate & Friend. Iranthie & I dearly remember the few days you spend in our home in Rockford Illinois, when you came for an assignment in Rockford School of Medicine, in United States.


  3. Dear Anoja
    Across the ocean birthday wishes 🍰🍰🎂🎂are sent to a lovely batch mate wishing you health happiness and longevity’.💐💐💐
    Praxy and Ranjit


  4. Dear Anoja,
    Many happy returns of the day and best wishes for contentment and good health. We can never forget your meticulous editing of the RU Souvenir which is a treasure of information of all our batchmates and all the support you give whenever we meet. You have brought credit to us with your multifaceted academic and other achievements
    May all blessings be with you.
    Nirmali and Narme


  5. Now I can finally leave comments on the News blog thanks to Sam.
    Happy belated b’day wishes sent on this blog! All the best Love Selva


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