Message from CJ

Dear Sam, I wonder if you could please post this on our Blog.
I have been in regular touch with James’ wife Christina since our RU64.His death anniversary falls on March 23rd. I just received a message from Christina stating that she would be very grateful for any tributes from his friends and colleagues that could be mentioned on the occasion and for his children to know more about their dad directly from friends. Anyone who is happy to contribute can either post it on the Blog or better, email me at  and I will forward them to Christina.

Thank you.CJ

2 thoughts on “Message from CJ”

  1. James
    Why was our James taken to His Bosom too early?
    A puzzle many would want to know from Almighty
    Yet it is not hard to fathom, as friends knew already
    God loves him and missed James’s company sorely

    When HE wanted a model for integrity
    Honesty, truthfulness, patience, sincerity
    Benevolence & genuineness and honesty
    James selected being the model of efficiency
    Ariya De Silva
    Entry Batch 64


  2. James
    I can still remember his name as R F James and he was a very quiet and religious person. Since my surname began with S and his with J we did not have a lot of camaraderie abut but Ranjit recalls with fond memories what a wonderful person James was. Being a devout Catholic I had the opportunity to chat with him on religious topics and he was a very caring, and friendly person.
    But God in His wisdom took him away to allow him to enjoy heavenly bliss.
    Praxy and Ranjit


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