The commitment of medical.profession

This video clip is a good one For commitment the doctors are number one
Rarely only the public thinks of us, not as robots
After all, we too have fears & anxieties of our own


5 thoughts on “The commitment of medical.profession”

  1. Thanks Ariya. Very interesting story. This often happens in day to day situations where people come to conclusions without knowing the truth and facts.



  2. Thank you Ariya.
    I remember a few years ago at our local Monastery in Newcastle the head monk asked us “Who knows what is CJD”. There were many doctors in the crowd and we all raised our hands and talked about Creutzfeldt – Jakob disease, Mad cow disease etc. He said we were all wrong and in fact that we all were suffering from it. This puzzled us until he explained that the CJD we had was ‘Chronic Judgement Disease’. I always try to remember this whenever I become (mindfully) aware that I am ‘judging’ someone or some situation.
    The tendency to judge is a very dangerous tendency which most people (unconsciously) have.
    I am still learning, almost every day.


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