6 thoughts on “Sugar”

  1. Thanks CJ, Totally agree! Big companies, even those familiar to us from childhood have found ways of hoodwinking us re sugar content! If something tastes sweet and yummy, watch out!


  2. Thanks CJ. Big food giants in the business have so much clout that public being duped for so long and it will continue if not for some decent individuals like the one featured in the clip.


  3. This charade has been going on for ever. It is not surprising that US population is 40 % overwight. Always read the label of the products you buy.
    Thanks CJ for the post.



  4. Thanks CJ
    Like Narme’s Bundi, mine is also growing & growing. Is it because of the Milo which i have been drinking regularly for more than 50 years or due to Chivas regal – >40yrs?. No sugar content given in the Chivas bottle!!


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