9 thoughts on “Wow ! The Eagle has landed!”

  1. Thank you Sam for that beautiful clip of nature in action. Whatever scientists, modern technology and AI might have created or create in the future, Mother Nature takes some beating.


  2. My dear Deepthie,
    Your wonderful piece of photography of a majestic bird,
    Thank you for sharing with us, picture truly spellbound
    Eagle is the cleverest & cutest bird in whole wide world
    You too are Eagle by name, sharp & beautiful by deed


  3. Thanks Sam for the post. What wonderful videography. A hunt by an Eagle. It is amazing ,to see the dive , it tries to take off and the first attempt fails. Then it rests for a moment and takes flight again , fascinating.



  4. Hey folks —
    Ariya — I did not send in the post – Sam did .
    And to every one else- it is NOT a Eagle- it is an OSPRAY .
    I know an Eagle when I see one !!!

    Anyway – -all that apart- just wonderful slow motion photography , of an Ospray getting its meal . I have seen this many times LIVE – but, never as lovely as this Slow Motion Photograpahy .
    Thank you Sam, for the lovely post – Hauntingly Lovely- Nature at its best .

    Another Eagle Landed in Sedona, Arizona- flew in last night , to get away from the Ontario Cold !!!
    Will be out to see the REAL Eagle and Ospray, Black Hawk and who ever that is out and flying around tomorrow .
    eagledeepthie .


    1. Deepthie
      Thanks for that clarification. I didn’t think Osprey could be that big but will defer to the Batch’64 Eagle lady, who knows more about birds that any of us.
      Have fun in Arizona!


  5. HI Sam ,
    Thanks for the compement- Batch 64 Eagle Lady !
    Both Bald Eagle and Osprey are large predator birds .
    Bald Eagle– the mature bird ( takes up to 4 yrs ) has the classic white head, and that is why is called the Bald Eagle- like a white bald head ! and white tail . It is also referred to by the name American Eagle . – and I think it is the State Bird of United States of America .
    Osprey– has a white head, with a different pattern . No white tail .
    Eyes and Beak – very different to the bald eagle .
    Both are fish hunters , and will patiently wait on the waters edge till a meal is just under water ,and swoop in . To see it in REAL Life is a thrill indeed — so fast, it will dive, grab and fly . One has to be real lucky to be in the right place at the right time, with the right equipment to seize the oppertunity , to film it like what we see in this video clip from Scotland .
    Sam- there are many , many Osrpeys in Florida , and I saw many of them , perched virtually on every lamp post so to speak, on the drive with Wimal to to the Florida Everglades .
    We just kept driving , and stopping only to take photos , After a while I stopped taking Osprey photos, as there were so many, and we just kept on driving !!
    anyway– thanks for the lovely video clip – dog barking included !!
    Batch 64- Eagle Lady !!


  6. We thought when we saw the message “The Eagle has landed” we thought Deepthie has landed in Penang.
    Will we be able to see Deepthie flying with her wings in the Eastern Direction all the way to the famous Botany Bay and bringing Seelan with her claws and dropping him in Penang safely with his favourite bottle in his hands.
    Maharojani and Sreetharan.


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