Weekly Photo Update

Ariya in a nice spot in Motherland

Despite being an extremely antiquated, deprecate
Ariya can keep the spine and a few other things straight 
The potbelly and double chin, give the game away
Do not be fooled, he is holding the breath & tummy


Editor’s Note: Please submit any interesting photo updates (Travel, Family, other human interest images you capture), for sharing.. Please include a brief description. You may direct them via “Contact Us” or to my Email address (painrxsam@yahoo.com)


5 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Update”

  1. My dear Nisantha,
    We reached lake Minneriya, having driven for hours
    Felt hot in the car, breeze across lake was tremendous
    Having said, the photo is old and my memory is fading
    It could be anywhere, put it open for offers to my mates


  2. It is a very nice picture Ariya! Despite the pot belly you look youthful
    Very happy new year and best wishes to you both


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