10 thoughts on “Happy New Year!!”

  1. Thank you Sam for maintaining the Blog. Its been a superb service.
    My wishes for a wonderful New Year to all batch mates.


    1. Thanks sam for the great work and all regular posties ( Aus) for interesting items posted on the site. I enjoy reading them.
      I wish all my batch mates and friends a happy 2020 and many more to come. I w


  2. Thanks Sam for hours of work and commitment in maintaining the Blog.
    Wishing all our batch mated a happy ,healthy and peaceful 2020.


  3. Thank you Sam for everything you have done to keep the Class of 64 together via the Blog .
    I personally know, how much time it takes for you to do this , day after day, time away from Kathy and Family and Friends . We all appreciate all your good work , and keep up the good work as we all support you .
    Wish you , Kathy the 4 kids and the many grand kids, all the Very Best for The New Year .

    All The Very Best for the Class of 64- where every you may be , in the big wide world of today .
    Where ever you may be in the year 2020 , please try to make once again to Beruwala Eden- 2020 October – Friday 2nd, Sat 3rd, Sun 4th , for yet another little gathering .
    With every passing year, one of us ‘moves on ‘ ….and the numbers are dwindling , and Time Waits for NO one ….

    So, lets meet as often as we can , same time, same place , for yet another ‘good time ‘
    Believe it or not, so far, there are 10 of us who have already planned to be at the RU 2020@Beruwala !
    I will be there, year after year, till I am ready to die in a ditch – not so soon I hope !!!

    Be One of Class of 64 —
    Add your name to the list and Lets Get Together and Be ALL One .
    . Happy New Year 2020!!
    Good Wishes to ALL – eagledeepthie .
    By the way, right now, as I am writing this , I am in the middle of a blistering ice storm out here, where every thing outside is looking like a glittering sheet of glass !
    – good day to stay indoors, eat comfort food , and keep dreaming of an Island In The Sun !!


  4. At the outset a big thank you to Sam for doing a marvelous job with our 64 Batch blog. It is unique . I do not think any other batch has it.

    Piching and I take this opportunity to wish each and every batch mate of ours and all their loved ones a very happy New Year filled with good health, Peace , Joy and prosperity.

    Nisantha and Piching


  5. Best wishes for a peaceful, joyous and a prosperous 2020 to all our 64 batch mates and their families.
    Special wishes and thanks to the webmaster and Kathy
    Satha & Selvi


  6. Cj, Don, Ranjith, Abey, Deepthie, Nisantha, Sree, Satha & Selvi,
    Thanks for your kind remarks and continued support for the Blog. I have enjoyed working on it. I am also looking for ways to improve the format. Your suggestions are always welcome.
    Kathy and I wish you and your families a very Happy and Healthy 2020!!


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