Short Film

Dear Sam, Attached is an award-winning clip of a short film. Hopefully, people will find it interesting to watch. It’s very very short.Thanks and with best wishes at Christmas to the whole family,


4 thoughts on “Short Film”

  1. Thanks CJ.I am interested to know whether there is a message here.? It has 3 cats, two caressing and then a third ginger cat arrives and chases the black cat who was the centre of attraction.I presume that the ginger and black cats are males.Are these two male cats fighting for the female pussy.? Am I missing the point.? Is there a different message ?
    I must confess that I hate cats.There is one neighbour’s which is currently causing great annoyance to me by regularly crapping on my lawn.Any remedies to get rid of this cat.? Eddie.


  2. Hi Eddie,
    You are nearly there but not quite. The caption for this clip is at the top left hand corner at the start-
    “Your wife is here”.
    The male (husband) cat is having ‘something on the side’ and then the ‘wife’ appears. Its obvious what happens then.
    This won the Golden Horse award at the Taiwan Film festival.
    With best wishes to all the family for a great Christmas and New Year.


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