The season’s greetings from Whakatane.

Hi Colleagues, Let me take this opportunity to wish you all, the season’s cheer and for a wonderful new year to follow.Despite, all the tragic events that we have experienced in New Zealand this year,it is good to reflect on our lives and give thanks.I have attached two pics,our christmas tree which never fails to show that christmas is around the corner and the second a quote from Shashi Tharoor about Gerontocracy.In Shashi’s words there is still hope as we get older and that must bring a smile to all of us.Enjoy life.Eddie.


Author: Eddie

Consultant Physician.

8 thoughts on “The season’s greetings from Whakatane.”

  1. HI Eddie,
    Many thanks for the greetings and the Words of Wisdom !
    Pohutukawa Flowers sure is a cheerful bloom to see during this time , telling us all that Christmas is just around the corner .
    Very sad to see the tragedy unfolding , now, just on your doorstep virtually, with the volcanic eruption on White Island .
    Sending you , your family. friends and to the People of Whakatane, Healing Prayers and Blessings on Eagle Wings .
    Happy Holidays – eagledeepthie .


  2. Thanks Eddie for the article ” In praise of Gerontocracy ” and the lovely picture of your Christmas tree.
    Yes there is still hope for us in our old age to to do lot of things to help ou younger generation , to help the needy and the poor and volunteer in various projects. We should be thankful for our reasonably good health , our financial situation and most importantly of course our mental capacity to do all that.



  3. hi eddie gerontocracy is true did not realise this and the article does make sense and word old coggers is a misnomer, I work with some guys in their 80s and they look sprite and healthy and active maybe this work keeps them so ,who knows, merry Christmas and happy holidays to all and very best in the new year


  4. Eddie, Thanks for sharing that thought-provoking article by Shashi Tharoor, reminding that there is still some hope for all of us!
    Beautiful Christmas tree by the way.
    Have a wonderful holiday in your beautiful corner of the world!


  5. Hello Eddie,
    Great to see the beautiful Christmas tree, & the Wisdom of words Shashi Tharoor. We still have hope. Every day is another day we are given to enjoy Planet Earth. We all stll have hope.
    Have a very Merry Christmas & Bright New Year 2020. Regards to INDRA>


  6. Thanks Eddie for that picture of the Christmas bloom and the very rational article by Shashi Tharoor. For me I was most productive between 50-60 years. I slowed down close to 70 and was not as creative and my initiative was dampened . What I attempted then with success I was more restrained later.
    A blessed Christmas Season and a Happy New Year to you and all readers of the blog.


  7. Dear Friends, Thank you all for your comments and Christmas greetings. This gives us the opportunity to share the message and goodwill of christmas.Yes, there is hope for us all as we age gracefully and the year comes to an end.Let us hope that all our hopes and dreams will be fulfilled as we look forward to 2020.I guess, that the next year too will rush through at the same time reminding us that we are a year older and wiser, much like the shortened form of our favourite cricket game of 2020.!


  8. Dear collegues
    So saddened by the tragedy that occurred in White Island and many Australians perished and suffered serious burns as a consequence. We pray for the healing of the injured
    Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2020. To you all and your families
    Satha @ Selvi


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