19 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Dharma!”

  1. My dear friend,
    It is with immense pleasure send you good wishes
    For a wonderful birthday, full of joy and happiness
    May you have good health, contentment and peace
    A fruitful long life & thanks for being a great batch mate


  2. Dear Dharma
    Wish you many happy returns of the day and may the good Lord bless and keep you till we meet again. Praxy and Ranjit


  3. Dear Dharma,
    It’s lovely to have this opportunity to wish you a very happy birthday and to remember with gratitude your kindness, generosity, love and support and your FRIENDSHIP through good times and bad. With love to Y and all the children and grandchildren,


  4. Dear Dharma
    Best wishes for a contented ,peaceful and joyous year ahead. Pl give our regards to Yogamani and we will see you in Penang in January. Met the Sanders family last week and they covey their regards to you
    Satha and Selvi


  5. Happy Birthday to you Dharma.
    May you enjoy this Happy Day today, with Family and Friends and enjoy many more days like this in the years to come .
    Many thanks for the lovely book you sent me ” Our Backyard Birds – by Grandpa and Grandkids ” .
    It is a real work of Love for Nature and all that is Good in the World we live in today .
    Having read what your grand kids have written about birds etc, I feel I have not lived in vain all these long years and can go to the ‘other side ‘ in Peace, knowing the Next Generation will look after the Birds and Nature– Thanks to the Grandfather Teachings .
    This is a very precious gift you have given to the young ones, that they will carry through ,for the rest of their lives .
    We need more Grandpas’ like you in this world !!!
    I hope you are feeling a lot better now and glad you plan to travel around in 2020 .
    Perhaps we can meet again in SL in 2020 in Beruwala- as I am already dreaming of SL- Oct 2020 !!!!

    I wish you, Yogamani and family all the Best for 2020.

    From One Bird Lover to Another- eagleD.
    By the way– The Christmas Bird Count in my area will be on the Dec 14th — always a high point in my Winter Calendar !, and something I have been doing for the past 12 yrs or so .


  6. Hello Dharma,
    Iranthie joins me in wishing you a very Happy Birthday. You were the same person I met in Med School, very caring, sincere, funny & always there to give a hand; You did not change over years. Hope you will have many Happy Birthdays to follow & Our All Mighty God will keep you in good health in years to come, ON EARTH. Come to think of it; He will keep you here in good Health, so it will be lot of YEARS later that He will have to put up with you in Heaven.!!!



  7. Dear Dharma
    Maha joins me in Wishing you a Very Happy Birthday.
    Like to know through Yogamani,you and grand children about whether birds are found in the Arctic and Antarctic Areas and we wish you many more Birthdays to do research in this area and keeping sending photos of them.


  8. Dear Dharma
    Ranjini joins me in wishing you a very happy birthday. Have a wonderful birthday celebration with your family and friends.


  9. Dear Dharma,

    Here is wishing you a wonderful birthday and many more great returns from a fellow radiologist.

    You are a gentleman of the highest order.It is an honor to call you my friend and batch mate.



  10. Thank you my dear and caring batch mates for your kind wishes. i feel guilty of not remembering many of your birthdays. SORRY, I admit I was lacking in keeping up with the RU news. Thank you again. Undeservedly, i feel so blessed. on my birthday i Attended the Radiology conference in the morning and lunch with my 3 kids and 7 grand kids. Wishes from all of you is the icing on my cake. God bless you all.


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