Best Wishes to Annesley​!

My dear Annesley,
Thanks to Narme, I have been educated on a ‘cool fact’
Nature of birthday trees’ & to their character, how we fit
Yours is Chestnut Tree, depicts honesty and tall in height
Characterised by an honest fun guy, a planner & a diplomat

I have written over two hundred  poems greeting my mates
So pleased to realise,  how close your lovable features,  fits
Pleasant mannerism and the kind heart, a boon to your mates
Wish you good health, contentment, and a beautiful long life

12 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Annesley​!”

  1. Dear Annesley
    Across the ocean ⛴ we send
    Birthday wishes 🎂 to our dear friend
    May you be blessed 🙏with good health and good cheer😃😃😃
    And Gods blessings in this coming year.
    Praxy and Ranjit


  2. Many happy returns of the day Annesley. All the best now and years to come.

    Great Novel , loved it. Thanks for the personalized copy.

    Nisantha and Piching


  3. To all my batchmates (friends and best buddies ) who has send their greetings on my B’day and for all those still getting around to send their greetings, My sincere and heart felt gratitiude.
    May the Almighty bless you always and keep you safe till we meet again.


  4. Dear Annesley
    Wishing you a very happy birthday and many happy returns.
    All best wishes for a happy and contented future.


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