3 thoughts on “United SriLanka”

  1. My friend With better musical ear than me please confirm or refute, if this tune has similarly to the famous Buddhist (carol) song ‘ danno budunge. Sri dharmaskhanda….
    I may be completely off the track, yet thought of checking with you all.


  2. ThanksAriya and Sam for sharing.
    The tune is a westernized version of Dhunno Budunge that is used in the Hymn for Sri Lanka, words by W. S. Senior ( former Principal of Trinity College, died 1938) and harmonized by Deva Surya Sena. Originally it was in John de Silva’s play Sri Sangabo and the music was composed by an Indian, Visvanath Laojee( early 1920s).
    Very appropriate words and music to unite SL.The soprano singing this song above is a doctor and a Wickramasinghe???
    Check out the Hymn for Sri Lanka on U-tube. Lovely words.


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