Update from Deepthie

HI Folks in SL , and the rest of us scattered around the globe . 

I am still dreaming and Re- Visiting  of the Class of 64 Gathering  we had
at Beruwala just a few weeks ago .
Hope these photo will trigger a good memory for all of you !

And it is time to think of the NEXT one , NEXT year- Same Time,  Same Place

Beruwala- is now like ‘home to me ‘ – -Home of The Class of 64 so to speak

It seems like yesterday to me , that we all met and had such a good time .
Though the crowd was small , like what Praxy mentioned in her wonderful
tribute to the class  gathering , it was a lot of fun , just being  together
and shooting the breeze so to speak , with no formalities what so ever .

Anoja – hats off to you, for orgainising the boat trip and the photographer
at such short notice .
This photo  -something that all of us will treasure . 
For some reason, we did not have such a photo last year ( 2018 ) .

So,  I am asking you all – specially the folks in SL- Ranjith , Narme,
Anoja, Laki,  Indrajith , Ajith — to put your heads together and get
something going for next year .

As for my part — I will be in SL – ever year, same time, for the next 5
yrs or so- or till I kick the bucket !
I have  already planned my    —  ”Trip to SL for 2020 ” – -Time is
Running Out and so I am Running With The Time !

Good Wishes to ALL –
Deepthie .

4 thoughts on “Update from Deepthie”

  1. Dear Deepthie
    Yes indeed it was a great gathering and I loved every minute of it. Today I reminisce this wonderful occasion exactly a month ago and wish I could re live it at Eden…our home from home. Though the numbers were small the enjoyment was great and such a friendly and happy bunch.
    Yes we too would be there same time same month same weekend next year and we should continue to meet up till we kick the bucket as you say.
    I am all for it let’s definitely meet again next year.
    Yes Anoja was great organising the fantastic boat trip and the group photo. Thank
    you Anoja


  2. Thank you Deepthi for the post. Glad that everyone had a great time. Your pictures and the ones I saw before indicated the fun ,joyful time appreciated by one and all.

    Hope Piching and I will be able to make it to the next reunion.



  3. Thank you Praxy, Swarna, Nisantha and Piching for the response.
    Lets hope we can meet again .
    I will be there, even if I am the only one – just to Re- Visit Good Times in my Mind …
    Deepthie .


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