Imagine.Thank you John& Yoko.

Hi,I am posting a song that has much meaning but would anyone of us have thought of expressing it the way John Lennon did in 1971.?In fact it was a song that Lennon wrote from inspiration from the book written by Yoko Ono in 1964 called Grapefruit.Yoko, was in many ways coming to terms with her identity as a child of mixed parents living in New York.John made Yoko’s thoughts into the best lyrics and music that the world now enjoys.Enjoy the music,with musicians from all over the world.It is in my view an everlasting favourite, waiting for Utopia.! Eddie.

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Author: Eddie

Consultant Physician.

7 thoughts on “Imagine.Thank you John& Yoko.”

  1. Thanks Cletus for your comment.Hope that one day the majority of people around the world will understand the world as it should be.For every heart that is transformed will make a difference in the end.Eddie.


  2. Thanks Eddie for posting the song. Man has been cruel to man throughout history. The majority of people around the world are peace loving people. It is only a small minority who are involved with terrorist activities and so the called ” Ethnic cleansing “. The minority spoils the the peace and tranquility for the rest of us ,peace loving people.

    I do not see an end to the terrorist activities in the near future. I feel sad for my grandkids who have to grow up in a very violent world.



  3. Thank you Nisantha, Cletus, Narme, Indrajee and Sam for your comments. Yes, Name ,I can understand the Kibbutz concept too.My impression is that this song evokes feelings and thoughts that we seldom encourage in our minds.The words and the meaning are both beautiful and reflective.The more that this word is spread, it is my hope that the world would be a better place.Don’t you.?


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