Stay away from the toddy kiosk.!!

This song is in Tamil.Unfortunately it has no English subtitles.However,the song is advice from mother to her son about the harm from drinking too much palmyra toddy.To those who understand Tamil, it is an interesting song about young men and their frequent visits to the toddy kiosk which I am sure was an important feature of village life in old Jaffna.I am not sure whether this convenience is still flourishing.Fresh Palmyra toddy was always a must do item on visits to Jaffna in days gone by.! Eddie.

Author: Eddie

Consultant Physician.

5 thoughts on “Stay away from the toddy kiosk.!!”

  1. Thanks Eddie for yet another interesting song.
    I also thank God that most of the mothers of our batch mates either did not give this advice to their sons or if given, it was not heeded by our many batch mates and Bloem mates. Otherwise we (buggers from the south or from Colombo) would not have been able to have so many enjoyable visits to Jaffna where a good toddy drink played such a vital part.
    The planned Bloem get together in January 2020 will give us a chance to re-live these memories.


  2. Thanks Eddie -enjoyed listening to the song. The melody was very good, felt like getting up off my chair and dancing the Baila.
    The vocalist’s facial expressions and his head movements clearly indicated that it was someone’s advice to another.



  3. Thank CJ and Nisantha for you comments.. I am sorry that you both were unable to understand the words as it was really interesting.Mother says do not go as it will affect your eyes, head and legs and ultimately you will be on the funeral pyre.To this, he responds by saying that the neighbour who is his teacher is also at the kiosk and the medical profession says that there is adequate B vitamins too.I do not know what those who can understand Tamil think of it.
    Yes, CJ ,I am sure those trips to Jaffna would have been very enjoyable with a little Toddy thrown in.I am sure all you Bloemites will have a great time at your reunion in Malaysia.You may not have Palmyra toddy but I am sure there will be Whisky aplenty..!!.Enjoy.Eddie.


  4. Hi Seelan
    its a good song to play and do a Baila at for the Bloem reunion next year. Of course its one of Nithi’s favourites


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