5 thoughts on “Holiday Greetings!!”

  1. Happy Divali to ALL .

    Sam- by the way — all the photos above were sent to you by me, some time back , perhaps in 2015 or so, when you started the Blog .
    Obama Family- a friend of mine sent it to me back in 2014 when I was there in SL after the RU .
    What technology can come up with !- Great Imagination !!

    Here is my Divali Story – My stay at Mt Lavinian Hotel – October 2011.
    I was with my son and gf that year, when we visited SL to see my mother , for her 94th b’day . She passed away a year later .
    I took these photos at Mt Lavinia Hotel back in Oct 2011- when I visited SL and stayed there for a week . It was Divali time, and Mt Lavinia had a very nice display of designs and decor done in colored rice grains on the floor of the main lobby and dining room , along with the traditional lamp and the bulath kola with the oil wick lit inside it . The Srilankan Food counter was decorated with banana leaves .
    The whole place was so very beautifully done. They even had some male drummers entertain the crowd at lunch time, dressed in traditional attire , and sacred ashes and saffron powder on their forehead and bodies .
    The tourists just lapped it up- me included .

    By the way- the original story of Divali from what I know, of how it all started , originated when Sita was returned to India, by Hanuman and Rama , after she was abducted by Ravana, and taken to Lanka for a period of time .
    India mourned for the loss of Sita and stayed in the dark so to speak till she returned .
    She was not touched by Ravana and remained ‘pure ‘ in her character
    Then, the people of the Indian Kingdom celebrated the return of their beautiful princess , and lit the lamps — Divali- Time of Light was born .

    Happy Divali to the Class of 64
    — Deepthie ( also means Bright Light ! )


    1. Deepthie
      I forgot that the images came from you. I actually reposted the same composite I used last year. Glad I re-kindled some pleasant memories for you.
      Happy Divali to all our Batch-mates.


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