A Hindi song.Hope you like it.

Hi, All lovers of Hindi songs of yesteryear.This is a recent rendition of an old Chitra Singh ghazal.Hope you like it.I cannot understand the words and when I asked the person who sent it,the reply was, can’t you see it in her eyes.!!.Enjoy.Eddie.

This video doesn’t exist

Author: Eddie

Consultant Physician.

7 thoughts on “A Hindi song.Hope you like it.”

  1. Thanks Eddie. Was a beautiful start to my day. The problem now is that I cannot get it out of my head,
    Thanks again,


  2. Many thanks Eddie, for the beautiful song
    Though didn’t fathom lyrics I too sang along
    Got a good start for the day via your kindness
    Please keep adding to the blog your brilliant ideas


  3. The essence of this song (according to the ‘mudalali’ of the Indian shop where I get my vegetables from) is ‘who says love has a tongue? In reality this is known from the eyes.
    This is so true (I think).


  4. Thanks for all your comments..CJ, Narme,Abey,Praxy and Ariya.I noticed that activity of our site was declining and thought a Hindi song might perk up activity.Happy to note that it was appreciated by a few.Eddie.
    Yes CJ your man is right.The song ,the melody and the delivery does ooze with love.❤️


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