8 thoughts on “Self Portrait”

  1. Dear Sam,
    Amazing is the word, that comes to my mind
    Never seen a pachydermis so much talented
    Know they are clever with memory power good
    But the ‘self portrait’, surely is out of this world!


  2. Thanks Sam.The memory and skill involved in the “self portrait” makes one think that we do underestimate their intelligence in general.We have seen many videos of elephants in different roles in close contact with man but there is a more sensitive side to them too.They live together as extended families under a patriarchal system.They also grieve for their dead.Remarkable animals and much of their behaviour is akin to us.!


  3. This is amazing. I have seen elephants painting abstract pictures. This elephant has a super talent.
    Thanks for sharing this video , Sam.



  4. Thanks Sam . Elephants are known for their incredible memory & motor skills. I have witnessed elephants playing soccer, kicking goals and painting on easels during my visit to Cheng mai, in Northern Thailand. I bought one such painting but could not bring it through the Australian Customs as the material of the frame & the paper was made, I am told, using Elephant dung !! Dung is collected into baskets as they bathe in the nearby stream



  5. Thanks for all your comments regarding elephants. We have some significant issues with SL elephant population. It is estimated that the total number is around 4500-5000. Reported deaths are on the increase. It appears that there is a reduction of natural habitat due to the encroachment of natural land by the development projects. Human-Elephant conflicts are on the increase as a result.


  6. In yesterdays news I learnt 4 more elephants dead, some pregnant, without any external injuries, possibly due to poisoning ! I wonder whether it would be possible to erect electric fence to confine elephants to their habitat and prevent encroaching on to human settlements.



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