Air Defense

This is impressive! Israeli Phalanx Close-in air defense system (by Raytheon) engaging incoming missiles.

On this blog, I try to avoid any political subject matter. This is a clip I received from a friend of mine who is a retired US army colonel.

It is worth your time to watch this. Make sure the sound is on.

I am guessing that this is part of Israel’s “Iron Dome” defense system.  There appear to be at least two high speed guns out of view of the camera, maybe more.  At least 50cal. or maybe 20mm for the range they are shooting.  The white can in the foreground appears to be for close-in fire, in the event the longer range guns do not do the job.  All this is radar/computer controlled, no human action except to turn it on.  What we are seeing are real shoot-downs, rockets launched probably from Lebanon aimed at Tel Aviv or other populated targets.  This is cutting-edge American technology.

Shared by Sam

2 thoughts on “Air Defense”

  1. Thanks Sam for this interesting post.To me the whole thing looks like some computer game.!!.It is in essence a very expensive deterrent.Where will all this end is anyone’s guess..!!.I am hoping that someday in the future mankind will appreciate the futility of wars and the extensive damage to lives and property that wars have caused and continue to cause and learn to resolve differences by dialogue.This approach does does not factor in the role of “ mad men and women” in the equation.


  2. Very interesting technology and fascinating to watch. I share and concur with Eddie’s comments. Man has to create such sophisticated weapons because one nation is trying for superiority over another , militarily, economically or religious. It is escalating. I do not see an end definitely in my lifetime. Hopefully our kids might see a better solution in the future.



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