Songwriter​, Titus

Song: Alcohol The Gods Gift – Written & composed by Titus Fernando
Shared by Ranjth A

If you like the song please pass it on to family & friends. Your feedback would be most helpful. 

I would like the song to reach a wider audience. So I would appreciate if you consider sharing it with your Face book, Instagram and twitter friends.

The credits at the bottom when the song is played should reveal all the names of the band etc. if it doesn’t show and if you are using an I Phone when the song is coming towards the end touch the white area below the Blue Video Screen where the lyrics appear. If you are using a computer then place the cursor over the white area below the Blue Video Screen and scroll down using the centre round mouse button.

The credits should give the following information.

This song is dedicated to my wife Sunita and my son Nilantha.

Vocalist: Ryan Henderlin

Music: Lahiru Aponsu

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Kalpa Gunasekera @ Shan Studio 

With love 


5 thoughts on “Songwriter​, Titus”

  1. Congratulations Titus, Great. Enjoying it. Keep up the good work. I’ll have a DRINK to that. Thank your family for the help. Hope I can meet you in November. Dharrma


  2. Way to go Titus . Very interesting song . A catchy tune and lyrics. A party song. ( what we call a Bajaw song in Sri Lanka ) I enjoyed it. Congratulations !

    Thanks Ranjith and Sam for posting it.



  3. Well done & Congratulations Titus.
    When I 1st listened – courtesy of Narme- I was not sure if its our Titus. So I sent the following comments to Narme:-

    dear Narme,
    Is it our Titus?
    He is Great.
    Song is Great.
    Alcohol is Great.
    Consumers are Great.
    And above all God is great for creating alcohol.

    Now I like to add:-
    God is great for creating alcohol & creating people like you and me to enjoy !!
    Cheers & best wishes .( I am going to have another one for you.)


  4. Titus,
    That is a good “Bajaw Beat,” & lyrics are very appropriate. Very talented man. Thanks Sam & Ranjith Ale, for sharing.. Good composition, Titus!!


  5. Hi guys
    Thank you all for your generous remarks. I appreciate it very much. Please share it with your friends.



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