11 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Gaspa!”

  1. My dear friend Gaspar,
    Send greetings on your birthday
    Wishing contentment all the way
    May you have excellent health and peace,
    A long fruitful life with happiness everyday


  2. Dear Gaspar
    Wish you many happy returns of the day and may the good Lord bless and keep you till we meet again.
    Praxy and Ranjit


  3. Happy birthday Gaspar. Wish you many more happy and healthy ones. Hope you had an enjoyable day / days. Sorry we will miss you at the RU 64 2019. Maybe can meet soon. dharma


  4. Thank you good buddies for the warm wishes
    I had a hectic weekend – a dinner event near London but was determined to get home by early morning which happened to be 4am somewhat disgusting at our age good friends
    My good daughter Shehana came over So did my close friends locally so had a relaxing day
    Thank you once again for your thoughtful wishes – much appreciated



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