11 thoughts on “A learning opportunity 😀

  1. Thanks Sam.I have watched Judge Frank Caprio on many occasions in different cases.He has always been kind to those appearing before him.He is a very down to earth and likeable person in sync with all the vagaries of life.The content is hilarious but the message is clear. A humane judge, do you agree ? “ Yes dear “!!


  2. Hi Sam
    Thanks for the post. it’s hilarious
    In south Australia small traffic offences carry big fines.it is a revenue generating exercise. The verdict would have been different here


  3. A Fab story
    Thanks Sam for the post, seems situation as real
    It looks not only she has ownership of the vehicle
    Around hubby’s neck she sure is a tight manacle
    Towards the vociferous lady, judge’s eye, had a twinkle


  4. Good one Sam.
    My wife doesnt drive for health reasons but still has a licence. – Very handy !! – when I get a ticket she gets nominated. Thats why I am happily married for 45 years – not for any other reasons.


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