11 thoughts on “A learning opportunity 😀”

  1. Thanks Sam.I have watched Judge Frank Caprio on many occasions in different cases.He has always been kind to those appearing before him.He is a very down to earth and likeable person in sync with all the vagaries of life.The content is hilarious but the message is clear. A humane judge, do you agree ? “ Yes dear “!!


    1. Eddie
      I agree with you on Judge Caprio, a common-sense judge in Providence Rhode Island. His Youtube videos had 100 million hits this year!


  2. Hi Sam
    Thanks for the post. it’s hilarious
    In south Australia small traffic offences carry big fines.it is a revenue generating exercise. The verdict would have been different here


  3. A Fab story
    Thanks Sam for the post, seems situation as real
    It looks not only she has ownership of the vehicle
    Around hubby’s neck she sure is a tight manacle
    Towards the vociferous lady, judge’s eye, had a twinkle


  4. Good one Sam.
    My wife doesnt drive for health reasons but still has a licence. – Very handy !! – when I get a ticket she gets nominated. Thats why I am happily married for 45 years – not for any other reasons.


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