13 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Sattiya!”

  1. Dear Sathi
    happy birthday and best wishes for good health, joy and lots of travel. Hopefully we will meet you in Penang or KL early next year. What are your plans after the Blom getogether? We can meet in KL if you are staying over there. Let us know your plans pl. Regards to Ianthi, Preyman and Premila


  2. My dear Sathi,
    Greetings send to a fabulous batch & Bloem mate
    When celebrating his birthday, wishing all the best
    May you always have peace of mind & contentment
    A long lserene life with excellent health throughout


  3. happy bday and many more years of good health and happiness, its fifty years or so since our paths croseed,best wishes for the future


  4. Many Happy Returns Sathi,and my regards to your wife.
    It was such a pleasure meeting the two of you at RU 2010,and reminiscing of the ‘good old days’

    Whenever I think of you,I’m reminded of your father in law,Mr.S.J.Anandanayagam,widely regarded by us as THE greatest Physics teacher,who instilled fear and awe into us as schoolboys,when he would stride into the classroom in his inimitable khaki shorts,chalk in hand,and in whose ‘honour’ we would sing at the Royal-Thomian cricket match,to the accompaniment of the ‘Sakkili Band’
    ” Anage thatte massek reela
    Eka balannata api yanawa
    Santha Thomasge

    Until we meet again

    Nihal Goonetilleke


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