15 thoughts on “Best Wishes to Anandakrishnan!”

  1. Ana,
    Best wishes for a very happy Birthday. Hope the Hurricane Dorian, we sent your way did not affect your life. Have a great day & many more happy birthdays in years to come. Say Hello to Indira.


  2. Dear Ana,
    This is to wish you a very happy birthday. We will really miss you at the Bloem reunion planned for January next year. I understand your reasons but am hoping against hope that something will happen to make you change your mind and come to Malaysia.
    Give my love to Indira and best wishes to the rest of the family,


  3. Dear Ana,
    Many happy returns of the day. Have a wonderful time in your new house.
    Like CJ, I also wish that you settle down in your new place soon & join us at the Bloem RU.


  4. My dear Ana,
    Please accept my belated birthday greetings
    Sent while floating around arctic circle islands
    Wish you good health, wealth and happiness
    A cherished long life with Indira & lovable kids


  5. Dear Friends, Thank you ever so much for remembering me on my birthday. I enjoyed the day playing a two person best ball golf tournament, which we concluded today! My golfing buddy too has the exact same birthday ( same day, month, and year) as myself, and we’ve been playing this tournament for the last 20yrs. To cap it all the two birthday boys finished the tournament by winning our division!
    Sorry Indira and I will miss you all at the RU and the Bloem RU.
    Love to all,


    1. Ana
      I don’t usually put my wishes in the comment section as it’s implied. As a golfer myself, I had to comment on your wonderful story!. What a rare treat. Happy birthday again!


  6. As Usual i am late. Not sure even if you will read this. That is because I did not follow RU news regularly. Better late than never! Ananda, Wish you a very happy birthday and many more happy and healthy ones. Congratulations on your golf victory. Keep it up. It appears we are going to miss you at Penang in January – Bloem RU. There is still time to change your mind. This may be the one and only BRU. Last chance to meet all the “Home Boys”. Few days away from whatever you are doing should not be a disaster. Just put on hold for a week. dharma


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